Unbelievable body piercings: How extreme can you go!!

  • WowBody piercing is a very luring but painful matter of interest which has been in the minds of people from ancient times.

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  • Nostril piercing guide for beginners

  • Like piercing on lips, eyebrows and other parts of the body, nose piercing is no exception. It comes as another fashion statement by the young people. Of course, there are cultures that traditionally have pierced nostrils by the women. There are different types of piercing which include the simple nose piercing and the septum piercing, although there are variations of piercing and decorating that part. For beginners wanting to take that first pierce, there are a few things that should be kept in mind.

    Bejweled in the eyebrow

  • Eyebrow piercing Eyebrow piercing is a popular trend among youngsters which in itself is another beauty mark. While piercing eyebrows, the same method of piercing other parts of the body is used. It is basically a vertical or horizontal piercing through the bottom up to the top of the eyebrow. There are a few things which you will find most informative when it comes to eyebrow piercing.

    Body Piercing: Metals you must avoid

  • Body Piercing: Metals you must avoid


     Body piercing is a fun and a completely different way to express oneself, but allowing metals to enter your skin can also have dangerous consequences. Not all metals are suitable for the human body and therefore one has to be cautious while choosing which metal to go for. It is advised by dermatologists to opt for only those metals that fit under the category of non-allergic ones and safe when brought in contact with body fluids. Here are a few metals that should be avoided contact with the body by way of being pierced.

    5 Disgustingly painful piercings

  • 5 Disgustingly painful piercings

    If you consider taking an injection is a great hurdle you have to overcome in some of your most unfortunate situations, these metro-sexual beings will give you thumbs down! They have opted for some of the ridiculously painful piercings in some of the tenderest parts of their body as gums, eyelids and tongues. It seems that the term does not exist at all in their dictionary and what is most important for them is to stay up to dated in fashion. Although we are sceptical if such piercing makes them really cool, we cannot overrule the pain they have suffered to get their body parts decorated in such manner. So, we bring here some ridiculously painful body piercing for you.


  • Piercing Requirements

    Don’t forget your ID! Even if you are 70 years old, we still need to see your identification or by law, we can’t pierce you. Acceptable forms of ID are state issued ID cards, driver’s licenses or permits, passports and military IDs. 

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